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Why Email Marketing – and Why Should I do it?




E-mail marketing is one of the most important tools for businesses that want to engage online; it’s a direct marketing approach that uses internet mail to send engaging messages whether it’s for commercial, sales, and solicitation or for personal uses.




Almost all businesses use this approach for several purposes:

  •   Sending emails to maintain and enhance relationships between previous and present customers.
  • Sending emails to attract new sales and boost repeat purchases from their previous and current clients.
  • Sending emails for product updates and sales promos.
  • Sending emails for customer services program.

Email marketing benefits versus traditional snail mail marketing

  •    ROI can be measured quickly and proven to be very effective when done right.
  • Can build substantial list of new prospects and customer.  Leads can be generated in the form of subscriptions or responses based on customer’s interests and aspirations.
  • Faster transactions for sales inquiries and customer service programs or new product offerings.


The only disadvantage of email marketing is the chances of getting your emails stuck in spam folders by some email programs like Gmail, Yahoo mail, and Hotmail.



You can help reduce this problem if you use a subscription form based on “Opt-in” emailing.  This is a process where customers sign up to your newsletter or updates, consenting to receiving emails directly from companies as long as it’s related to their subscription interest and topic.



So the questions are why you should do email marketing for your business? Well below are some of the reasons:



Reduce Cost - Email Marketing is a bargain, the best and effective email marketing list are grown naturally using subscription form base or you can also check mailing list companies like that offers huge leads database with email addresses of your chosen target market.

Success – One of the plus of email marketing is you can segment your database of clients according to their interest, therefore allowing you to send targeted email marketing campaigns that can boost and increase your sales conversion and can blow your business ROI instantly.


Metrics and being Flexible – tracking an email campaign is so easy with programs like analytics and other services that provide tracking information on how many of your customers read your email, how many clicks it’s generated and which link was click inside your email, with this informative data, you can adjust and react to your customers action immediately, giving you a opportunity to modify your campaign according to your previous email marketing campaign.




So here it goes, Email marketing is one of the tool that you need to work on in the future if you’re planning to increase your sales and extend your market online. Adapt to it and implement it with proper care and be patience.